Your 2022 horoscope


Your 2022 horoscope

How attuned do you feel to your purpose, Aquarius? If you’re still figuring it out—not to worry, as help is on the way. If you’re set on your path, karmic and unexpected forces arrive to assist you in fulfilling it. With both of your rulers, Saturn and Uranus, clashing with the Nodes of Destiny, a newer and more aligned version of yourself is here to stay. This is a rare and very special moment along your journey, so make the best of it by grounding and connecting to your intuition as things come to a climax during the months of February, April, August, and November.


Your 2022 horoscope

This is your golden year, Pisces! With both of your planetary rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, having a rare meetup in your sign, you’re about to receive all the cosmic blessings. A major window of manifestation arrives between April 6 and May 2, which is when Venus also visits your sign. While you will experience growth in many different forms, your sense of spirituality will deepen greatly. Keep an eye on the transit of Vesta, the asteroid of spiritual devotion, in your sign between May 24 and August 21 and then again from November 20 to December 31. As you begin a new cycle along your soul’s journey, Vesta will assist you in keeping your inner flame of desire alive.

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